Hyphens with re- Words Quiz

1. Choose the correct sentence.

 A) When can we refurnish our home?
 B) When can we re furnish our home?
 C) When can we re-furnish our home?

2. Choose the correct sentence.

 A) Our friendship was re-newed.
 B) Our friendship was re newed.
 C) Our friendship was renewed.

3. Choose the correct sentence.

 A) I cannot re-collect the story.
 B) I cannot recollect the story.
 C) I cannot re collect the story.

4. Choose the correct sentence.

 A) Please re-collect the papers, Mikaela.
 B) Please recollect the papers, Mikaela.
 C) Please re collect the papers, Mikaela.

5. Choose the correct sentence.

 A) That point should be re emphasized.
 B) That point should be reemphasized.
 C) That point should be re-emphasized.

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